Hello and welcome to the Little Igloo English Chat Bar

" Hello how are you doing tonight?"

"What's going on tonight folks?"


These are some greetings that you will hear upon entering the Little Igloo English Chat Bar in Santo Andre. This is the first and for now the only type of English Chat Bar that exists in the Sao Paulo area. It was created in December of 2013 by a Canadian, Rusty Russell Roy Coulson who is from a small island on the East Coast of Canada called Prince Edward Island.

After living in Osaka,Japan for 14 years where he also owned and managed a few bars and traveled the world he met and fell in love with a wonderful girl from Santo Andre, SP. After getting married they decided to give Brasil a chance and make it their home. In the beginning Rusty taught English for the first 3 years of his stay here in Brasil but after some time his wife Telma could see he was missing the days of his bar experiences and suggested to him to try an open a place  here in Santo Andre.


As he was an English teacher and had previously owned a bar he thought to combine the two and crreate the English Chat Bar. His former students used to ask him to alwys have a happy hour English class so he thought that people would like the concept of having a place to come and practice speaking English freely with him and his English Speaking staff.

Chat means a small talk or conversation and that is what the staff there provide to each customer that enters. The was designed to create a space where people feel free to speak and practice the English they have been learing. It is also a place to meet new friends and have a good time. It is not howvere mandatory to speak English there. Only if you would like to. But why not try!!!

The Igloo Bar was originally in such a small space like a garage for 2 years and then they moved toa much larger space directly beside the original bar on the same street. After one year going strong there , they have decided to do some renovations and build a kitchen for a pub food menu, add decorations there, more seats and , open more nights and improve the style of the atmosphere. We invite you all to visit us on our reopening party Friday March 10th and of course stop by for the anual St. Patricks Day Party on the 17th. Come down and try the new food menu and enjoy the new atmosphere there.

The customers of the Litlle Igloo range in all ages from 19-88. It is a great place to host a birthday party, a school function or an English met up. People love the idea we continue to receive new people there each week.

We host monthly events/parties, have live acoustic all English Songs nights, sporting events, and for future events we plan on doing an all English Karoke Night. We will also offer a great selection of beers and wines with our new menu.

Friendly place with friendly staff. Tasty drinks and food for a great happy hour. Good music at a volume where you can have a conversation. And always a good time. Come once and I am sure you will return many more times. Looking forward to many more years serving the public and keeping a space for people to practice English.

You will feel like you are on a vacation outside Brasil in an English speaking country everytime!